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Ireland’s leading parking management company. NCPS can provide you with a tailored service to meet all car parking requirements.

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  • NCPS Management Team

    With over 30 years of industry experience, the management team at NCPS has considerable experience in the planning, implementation and management of parking system and controls. Experience  and integrity has been gained in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy.

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  • Multi Storey Car Park Solution

    The management team at NCPS has considerable experience in the planning, implementation and management of multi storey car parks.

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    It is our high standards and professional separation of duties at all levels that has resulted in NCPS providing continued confidence in their management abilities to clients, such as Cerberus, Arrow Asset Management, and Deloitte. Read more..

  • Mobile Parking Payments

    parkbytext is Ireland’s leading mobile parking operator which provides convenient, cashless and cost effective parking by text, IVR, phone, app , web & direct to a users mobile phone bill or credit with  parkbytext 2Bill , a European first service offering.

    Providing companies with a platform to manage their business more efficiently with complete:

    • System integration  (including banking)
    • Detailed financial reporting
    • Real time enforcement


  • Car Park Management

    NCPS is the largest parking operator throughout Ireland providing services to both the private and public sector. We currently manage over 1,100 locations across Ireland and the UK, covering over 100,000 parking spaces.

    NCPS management team have considerable experience in providing on and off street parking control and have collectively been in the business for over 30 years. Their knowledge of the business and best practices developed over those years are put forward for the benefit of all of our clients.

  • Consultancy Services

    NCPS can advise the client in developing the operational scheme for a car park.

    Our consulting expertise stems from years of experience in managing large mixed-use projects.  Our clients have found our input in the design stage lends itself to insuring the car park and traffic system functions properly and blends with the entire development.

    Our work will compliment any architect’s design and lead to a more efficient, functional car park.

  • Technology Services

    NCPS prides itself in delivering the latest technology products and solutions to the market place.

    Examples of our Technology Solutions are:

    • Vehicle Recognition
    • Mobile Parking Payments with parkbytext
    • Automated Car Space Booking
    • Variable Messaging and Directional Signage
    • Remote Monitoring Cameras & Control
    • Handheld Registration Plate scanning.

  • Parking Solutions

    With a client portfolio of 485 and car park portfolio numbering over 1,100 there really isn’t a parking problem to which we haven’t found a solution.

    A sample of the solutions we provide include:

    • Design of Car Parks
    • Paid Car Parking solutions i.e Pay & Display, Pay-by-Bay, Pay-on-Foot
    • Enforcement measures
    • Parking Permits
    • Mobile Parking Payments with parkbytext


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