Employee Spotlight – A Day In The Life

We’d like to give some insights into our team here at NCPS and highlight members of the team that you may or may not be aware of, but is an integral cog in our corporate wheel working to keep NCPS moving forward. Given the recent GDPR Directive, we thought it fitting to highlight the role of our Corporate Governance Manager, Liz Smyth.

As Corporate Governance Manager, Liz works to ensure NCPS’ practices, processes and systems are in line with our guiding principles (Trust, Integrity, Quality) and industry best-practices. Liz’s role is varied as she managed our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, GDPR compliance, training (e.g. in child protection via TUSLA, customer care, driver safety, manual handling, GDPR etc.), H&S and employee matters (e.g. recruits, appraisals). When it comes to ensuring the integrity and quality of our systems, process and procedures are being maintained and exceeded across our organisation, Liz is the project’s manager.

Liz has been with us for over three years and had over eleven years industry experience in operations, client relationship management, training, quality, H&S, continuous improvement and change management, and is an integral part of our management team here in HQ.

Here is a typical day in the life of NCPS’ Corporate Governance:

My typical day is very varied with different projects and tasks. The best part of what I do is to assist with strategically aligning our standards and procedures with our organisational objectives.

Each day I may work with standards, procedures, legal matters, insurance, recruitment, tenders and many other areas. I work with all departments on different matters and this provides excellent insight for assuring and improving the quality of our processes. My role is never dull and always with a focus on how we can improve and grow.

Many would view the area of Corporate Governance as a kind of ‘dry, unyielding concrete’ platform but not me, however, as I watch the efficiencies that we are making with the ISO standard and GDPR directive. GDPR is one of the most recent projects I have been working on to ensure the company’s compliance with the directive across each department and site. This concerns staff training, a comprehensive company-wide data audit, and, contract and policy updates. 

A further project I am working on is the integration of our Quality Management System (QMS) into our Business Management System (BMS), which at times has been a challenge but it has resulted in efficiencies and greater coherence amongst each department. The aspiration here is to minimise data, paper and cross-functional waste and inefficiencies and automate our business practices through the adoption of technologies and processes.

My position at NCPS has afforded me the opportunity to continuously learn and improve my knowledge base. This is something that I truly value as with all things in life there is always something new to learn. 


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