NTA Parking Regulations

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As you are no doubt aware the much-heralded Vehicle Clamping and Signage Regulations 2017 Act finally became law and enacted by the NTA last October 2017.

This is a very welcome development from both a car park management and property management point of view. NCPS was already in compliance with the majority of the act’s requirements, in so far as we already had in place i) good signage ii) a fair de-clamp fee and iii) a secondary appeals service.

example clamp sign image
Example new signage.

However, there is still a number of changes to the signage now required by law to cover off elements such as towing and storage charges. Furthermore, the de-clamp fee is now set to a maximum of €125, with no other admin fees being applied to the end-customer.

Over the coming weeks and months, Corinne and Cyril (NCPS’ business development and client liaison team) will discuss any potential impact for sites under your management when it comes to your annual contract renewal.

Finally, secondary appeals are now managed directly with the NTA; NCPS advise motorist if their appeal to us is declined who and how to appeal to the NTA. This will assist property managers who get embroiled in any appeals completely by directing any unhappy motorists to the NTA once they have sent in a first appeal to NCPS to consider. NCPS’ enforcement system will be integrated with the NTA’s system to enable them to administer appeals in a timely fashion.

Click for the NTA’s secondary appeal form.

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